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Griffin Mortuary Funeral Home & Chapel

When Only Memories remain, let them be beautiful ones.

Tombs Coffin

Get only the best for you and your loved ones from Griffin Mortuary Funeral Home & Chapel. Trust us to make all the arrangements for the funeral. Don't let cost get in the way of giving your loved ones an appropriate service. Find the plan to fit your budget.

•  Headstones

•  Monuments

•  Markers

Transportation including limos, family cars, and hearses are offered.

•  Funerals

•  Cremations

•  Burial services

No matter your religion or faith, let us take care of your services. Consult with one of our friendly staff members.  Let us know whether you want an elaborate monument or a simple headstone.

Our smooth process will give you peace of mind:


A Wonderful Tribute to Your Loved One

Large selection of markers

Economical packages

All faiths welcome

Experienced Professionals